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If you enter stats manually please put unbuffed values.

Press Update HPS to see what each stat, bonus, buff or talent
gives you in terms of HPS and MP5 for selected rotation.

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Futher updates

Dec 26,2013

Ok, ok - I could not find time to support Pandaria. I could not even find time to play it :) Hopefully things will change for the Warlords.

Pandaria update

Oct 27,2012

Yes, I plan to update the site, but it will not happen anytime soon - too much work, as usual. Expect it to arrive closer to New Year.

Version 1.7 is up

Jan 03,2012

Updates to support latest treecalcs.xls, Revitalizing/Burning Shadowspirit Diamonds added, IE bug fixes. New feature: HPS log, automatically stores your HPS/MP5 calculation results and character setup.You can go back to any log item and restore gear/stats/buffs settings.

4.3 update finished

Dec 05,2011

Latest updates related to Tranquility and new gear are in place. New feature: added another column to Spells table to reflect HPM with Harmony.

New version and new backend

Nov 22,2011

Version 1.6 is up and it includes 4.3 updates already. Also it works on the new backend - finally I've moved to Python from PHP in order to prepare for a new functionality. Most likely you will not notice a big difference, the only visible changes are caching of import information and real-time updates of realms list. Russian realms are moved to EU region.

More changes to come...

Moar features!

Nov 16,2011

Suggest new ideas for future versions of TreeCalcs.com or vote for them at TreeCalcs @ IdeaScale!

Version 1.5 is finished

Aug 15,2011

1.5 is finally here. Added support of Blizzard Community API, so now you do not need to enter Mastery manually. Added new trinkets (except Jaws of Defeat), T12 and other 4.2 stuff. Whew!

4.2 update is pending

Jul 09,2011

Sorry for outdated site - completely overloaded on my main project. Have not seen even any 4.1 content yet! Expect update in 2 weeks.

Version 1.4 is live

Mar 13,2011

1.4 is alive. Lots of things added! Please note that Mastery is still absent in Armory XML feeds, so you need to enter it manually.

Development of version 1.4 has started

Feb 13,2011

New version to support 4.0.6 and several previous changes is on its way. Expect it in 3-4 weeks.

Version 1.3 is live

Dec 05,2010

Finally I've finished the new version of TreeCalcs. It supports only version 101019 of Hamlet's spreadsheet - new version was published a couple of days ago but I do not want to make you waiting again. Support of gear selection will require substantial work on both server and client sides, so it will take a couple of months to be implemented. Any trees who know JS are welcome to the site team.Note: Reforging and Mastery are not supported by Armory at the moment, so you have to check your stats after import.

Crafting new version, BRB

Oct 12,2010

New version of RestoCalcs was published by Hamlet, new version of site is under development now. Approximate time to have it alive - end of October.

Big news everyone

Oct 10,2010

Hello dear trees, the time has come to talk to you on this site.

I guess most of you have the same question: is it still alive and will it be updated to support4.0.1 and other changes. The short answer is yes, do not ask for exact date please because it depends on many things - new Armory, new spreadsheet, free time and other things. But it will be done for sure. To make your life a bit easier I've added RSS feed to the site so you can subscribe to it and just wait when update will pop.

So - see you!

Rotation Healing Time

HPS - healing per second; HPM - healing per mana point; HPET - healing per execution time; LB slow - the rotation is: put 1 stack of Lifebloom on the target, add second before first expires and third before second expires, then let it bloom; LB roll - keeping Lifebloom up by adding new stack of Lifebloom before it expires;
Haste breakpoint - haste value to get an additional tick for your heal over time spells, see details here.